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Our Missions

RAVN Aerospace is future-proofing the next generation to confront the complex scenarios presented in the 21st century. Our services include:

  • ADAIR (Adversary Air) Providing current and relevant tactical scenarios with advanced threat-representative aircraft, flown by highly experienced professionals.

  • AIR TO SURFACE Advanced air-to-surface capabilities both day and night in support of CAS (Close Air Support) and JTAC (Joint Terminal Air Controller) Training.

  • RDT&E End-to-end testing solutions from research, test plan development and precise execution utilizing DT (Developmental Test) pilots.

  • ISR (Intel, Surveillance, Reconnaisance)

Open positions


A&P MechanicHouston, Texas, United States
Director of ContractsHouston, Texas, United States
Director of MaintenanceHouston, Texas, United States
Junior Marketing SpecialistHouston, Texas, United States